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    Kyle | Colorado
    Promoting our new game SweetTooth on Oculus Go and Oculus Rift
    Engine Organic was founded by Davy Maxwell Kyle Espinoza and Christian Taggart in Colorado in April 2019 with the intent of making the most compelling VR video games.Davy Maxwell is a Creative Director with a professional background in 3D art and animation. Davy started working in VR in 2016 and as an early adopter of VR he competed in the first official VR Esports league hosted by the ESL Electronic Sports League in 2017. He is a senior animator and 3D artist and also an award winning graphic designer.Kyle Espinoza is a Professional Game Engineer with extensive knowledge of the Unity game engine. Kyle has spent the past three years as a lead developer on VR games and simulations.Christian Taggart is a Software Engineer with experience in Networking Scaling and Optimization within the Unity game engine. His background includes webdevelopment and mechanical engineering. Christian also has experience as a professional gamer and business owner.
    SweetTooth is a light-hearted, action-arcade game with a flying, farting unicorn and colorful, sugar-coated levels. Collect candy to gain rainbow powers as you dodge bombs and popcorn cannons with gameplay designed to make you laugh out loud. Earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies on all levels, and search for easter eggs to unlock cosmetics for SweetTooth the unicorn. Out now for Oculus Go and Oculus Rift More Information
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