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Hi. My name is Enrico I am a trained chef and a self taught Indie Game Developer since 2018. I have always been fascinated by riddles and I am good at logical thinking. Since creativity is one of my strengths as well I stumbled on Android Studio and started reading into App Development.The initial idea was to program my own apps that had exactly the features I needed. Almost 1 year later I had finished my first app and after friends and acquaintances were excited about it I decided to publish it. That had awakened a new passion in me. Since I like to play games myself I started to develop mobile games. On the phone I prefer casual games and of course puzzle games and so I later published Roller Ball 3D. My biggest dream is to make a never ending trip around the world and this project should help me fulfill that wish.Maybe you like one of my products and help me to pursue my passion and make my lifelong dream come true.
Roller Ball 3d provides a fantastic game play and accurate physics! Sit back and relax with this casual mobile game. More Information
Cuby was lost on a beautiful day in the desert. Now he has only one desire - he wants to go home to the North Pole. However, he has to hurry so he can make it before it's melted. Help him to overcome all obstacles on his way ... More Information
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