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Your Potential Is ENDLESS
Working on a fresh endless runner game called Runnie Grannie, which features a feisty granny!
My game Z-Run was inspired by a very challenging time in my life where it felt like zombies were chasing me every day. I decided to take this experience and channel it into a game, transforming the terrifying into the entertaining. I hope players enjoy the heart-pounding thrill ride I created, and in the end are victorious, just like me! It took several years, but I did manage to escape the zombies!
Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner
Enjoy playful heart-pounding fun with Z-Run, a hot new zombie endless runner! Use all your agility and speed to escape the relentless villainous zombies before it's too late! Prove your skills against the cartoon zombie invasion! Green zombies! Blue Zombies! Pumpkin zombies? Snowman zombies? Too many zombies!? Zombies RUN! Ready to ditch the walking dead? Play as Colin Coffin the Vampire, MC Cash the Rap star, Glitter the Elf, and a host of other charming, wacky and dynamic 3D characters. More Information
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