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    Domi Games
    Dominion | Nigeria
    Am a solo developer currently working on an FPS horror Game
    Hi am Dominion Michael. From childhood i have always had this curiosity of wanting to know how things are made and at the time, and currently am in love with video games, so the idea hit me what if i make my own game and that is how i got into gamedev, the road has been difficult but at the same time very exhilarating.
    Monster Madness
    Hello there gamers, are you looking for a fast paced bullet hell type game, with exciting Boss battles then go no further, Monster Madness is just the Game for you, from crazy minions to diversified Monster bosses, Monster Madness has it all, come have a fun and immersive experience. More Information
    Save Christmas
    An Evil spirit always fighting against the spirit of christmas has come once again, to destroy christmas, do you have what it takes to help santa on his quest this christmas? Lets find out. More Information
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