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    Working on MANTRA Episode Two, as well as a TBA interactive fiction game.
    A gamer since the days of NES. Got heavily into gaming at the advent of Playstation One in the mid 90's. Stuck with the major platforms through the 2nd gen era, and slowly converted away from major platform systems during the 3rd gen. It was at this time (2011-13) that I started to shift my focus to indie games. I feel as if Indie Games are one of the last frontiers for original content. I started developing my own games in 2016 when I discovered TWINE and Interactive Fiction. After my first few TWINE games, I started work on my first Survival Horror game MANTRA.
    MANTRA - Episode One: Foothills
    Let's put it this way... If Resident Evil and MYST had a baby and it popped out in a Super Nintendo cartridge looking like Minecraft, you would have MANTRA More Information
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