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    SuperHero in Training
    DVNC | Philadelphia, PA
    Are you a hero in training?
    Developing SuperHero in Training a Heroic VR Action Platformer.
    DVNC is a new immersive (VR/AR) game studio that's focused on creating competitive high action experiences for players to enjoy alone or with friends.
    SuperHero in Training
    Ever wanted to be a Superhero? Join the Intergalactic League of Superheroes and start your training today. Master your powers and train to become the first ever human superhero! More Information
    Monochrome RPG
    The Monochrome RPG is a 1920s cartoon-styled narrative adventure set in the city of entertainment, Vaudeville! In Vaudevillian society, acting ability is the most important skill to have. Conflicts are solved with staged bouts, money is made through attention and those who can’t wow a crowd are left alone. Are you ready to join Otto on the adventure of a century as you help him build his troupe of singing, acting, and effects casting members?! More Information
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