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    Cruel Byte
    Cruel Byte | São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brasil
    Mobile Games and VR projects
    Cruel Byte is a game development studio focused on mobile, PC and VR industries, as well as other entertainment platforms, bringing to players the greatest cruel games. The company is behind known titles such as “Veloz”, “Dead Zombie Land”, and “Dark Ascent” for mobile and PC platforms.
    Dark Ascent
    In Dark Ascent, you control Bloomy, a tiny creature that wants to escape from limbo. The only way to escape is to hang on a balloon and float to the sky. Dangerous creatures, sharpened edges and surprise traps will try take Bloomy’s life, and your mission is to guide him in security. More Information
    Bat Vision
    In “Bat Vision” you control a bat, flying in an underground cave. Your path is composed of stones of different shapes and sizes, like obstacles, and you should avoid them to survive and keep flying. More Information
    Sky Blaze
    In “Sky Blaze” you are the last hope of your civilization! Since everyone fled away, you’re the commander in charge of the most powerful missile launcher on the Earth (luckly) in order to destroy all meteors before they reach our planet. More Information
    Dead Zombie Land
    In Dead Zombie Land, the zombie apocalypse has crashed down on Earth, and decimated all human population. On top of it, zombies created a new society, and now live peacefully. The player takes control of one of them, but he’s different his head is exploding! More Information
    Frog High
    In Frog High you are an astronaut frog jumping on falling rocket debris and catching sparse oxygen cylinders. More Information
    How far can you go stepping deep on the gas running straight through the intensively traffic streets of a city? More Information
    Oz Maze
    In “Oz Maze” you control Evanora, the Witch of the East in a labirynth trying to arrive in the center to get the item that can give her INFINITE POWERS. But in the other side there is an enemy: the terrible Theodora, the Witch of the West, that obviously wants the same item! Then you should run to reach the center of the maze and become the most powerful witch! More Information
    Cruel Jump
    In this game you should reach the more high possible. Your way is turning, some holes appears and the ground is falling. Challenge your friends to discover who goes further in this amazing adventure! More Information
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