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Dispersing Minds | Sweden
Currently working on Atmocity and "miniTD" along with managing Brink of Extinction and Twinstack.
I started developing games back in late 2013. At first mostly learning the ins and outs of gamedevelopment. Currently I've got several projects going, Atmocity and "miniTD" primarily, but also a card game that goes under the name Battlespace and a bunch of prototypes I'm working on. I also develop, mainly, 2D assets for the Unity Asset store. Put simply, I keep busy with game development!
Twinstack is a puzzle game that challenges your multitasking skills. The goal of the game is to clear columns and balance the stack of blocks. Play the easier single mode, where the spawn location alternates between left and right. If you prefer a challenge, the dual mode allows you to play with pieces spawning left and right at the same time. More Information
Atmocity puts you in charge of building sprawling cities that defy gravity. Test your skills as mayor in the campaign mode, where you have to achieve set objectives, or let your creativity go wild in the free-roaming mode. More Information
Brink of Extinction
Brink of Extinction is a challenging tower defense game set in the ruins of human civilization. Battle swarms of insects over 15 campaign levels and 8 continuous mode levels. At your disposal you have an arsenal of brutal weapons, ranging from machine gun turrets to plasma and rail turrets. More Information
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