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    Android Apps & Games
    Chaos Influx
    Let the chaos commence, with this fast action retro space blaster. A modern twist on the classic arcade shooter, for your mobile device. More Information
    Finga Ninja
    Test your speed, dexterity and composure as you punch and kick your way through the ninja ranks. More Information
    Geo Wiz
    Designed as a set of challenging games that will gradually improve your knowledge of capitals, flags and maps without the need for brain-straining memorization. Just jump in when you have a few minutes to spare and in no time you'll be impressing friends and family with your new found geographical knowledge. More Information
    Alpha Blitz
    Type the alphabet, from A to Z, as fast as you possibly can. Just when you think you've reached the limits of your typing dexterity, you'll shave another few milliseconds off your best time. Can you break the elusive 4 second barrier? More Information
    60 seconds to flick the letters and find the words. High value letters give you more points, longer words give you extra time. Clear the grid for a huge time boost. Includes Google Play hi-scores & achievements. More Information
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