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    Bryce's Movement Engine¹
    We are Brilliance. Our aim is to make fun games, games of Brilliance. Games with a retro, uncomplicated styling that hopefully take the player back to a simpler time. With a more minimalistic approach comes more original gameplay, beautiful vintage graphics and hilariously entertaining storylines!
    Bryce's Movement Engine¹
    Bruce's Movement Engine is an MSDOSWare/Post-Trainwreck-era game set in the halcyon days of 1998! Bryce has discovered a time portal in his Big Game Makerâ„¢ Box and has uses it to return to 19 years ago, when Big Game Maker was released. In a not-entirely-unfamiliar setting of an East Virginia-come-New South Wales-come-classic entertainment culture surrounding, he jumps, falls, runs and jetgasses himself around 30 (count them!) levels of nostalgic platforming and arcade action. More Information
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