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Brazen Jester Studios | Canada
A Canadian Video Game Company
Spin for Love -- Jesters are Wild -- Numeracy Wizard
Brazen Jester Studios - A Canadian Video Game Company






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Numeracy Wizard
Numeracy Wizard (TM) is a narrative story in discovering your potential, while solving puzzles, practicing life skills, and collecting items to bring your skills to the next level. Meet Sally, BB, and more as you unwind the mysteries of Numeracy Academy. Are you ELITE enough to be a Numeracy Wizard? More Information
Jesters Are Wild
#1 Simulated Slot Game with Jesters - Play Free, Play Often Experience the crazy with FREE Slot Game Action No Cash Payouts, Just fun More Information
Spin for Love
An adventure of a Love Time. Spin for Love, an adventure game, will be releasing on Android. Spin for love is an exploratory story of devotion to your one's pets, and what you must do to save them against all odds. Players must escape the lost island, with your pets after an unfortunate accident. As ever increasing odds stack against you, you must manage both your animals and your resources to ensure your survival. More Information
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