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    Uladzimir | Europe
    make unusual games
    Now I am developing some interesting games.
    I was a designer artist architect was engaged in video and 3D graphics wrote my electronic music and always loved computer games. Always dreamed of making your own video games. Finally I also studied programming and for several years now I have been making video games.
    Sing and Fly - Hit Notes In The Sky
    Voice controlled game More Information
    Circulario - Catch The Circles
    CIRCULARIO - is a simple yet addictive puzzle game with an experimental mechanics, intuitive controls and minimalistic design. Test your instincts, reaction, logical thinking and the ability to anticipate. More Information
    TRIZ Sacred Geometry Puzzles
    50 Atmospheric Puzzles - Art Objects of Tangled Geometry, with experimental game mechanics, change the Form and Color, gradually immersing you in the World of Meditation More Information
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