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    Miras Brush
    As a house painter, Mira uses her magic brush to steal colour from a host of enemies and use those colours to jump, dash and figure her way through Chromaland. More Information
    Path of the Martyrs
    In this RPG you play as a knight to the princess of Delma. After she passes away from a mysterious illness, you must go to the science lab to discover the cause of her death, by reliving your memories that brought you to the very moment she passed away. More Information
    Japanese Romaji Adventure
    An RPG in which you learn Japanese using romaji characters i.e. English letters More Information
    Dracula: A Gothic RPG
    Collect souls for more powers, learn alchemy, and use your dark magic in battle. Black cats, werewolves, zombies, he's buddies with all types of Halloween friendlies -- and he's going to go questing with them! More Information
    First Adventure
    You are a hunter who loves to explore dungeons in search of treasures with the help of your partner, but she disappeared! She left suddenly, it looks like she was mad at you, but you don't know why. More Information
    Wacky Cartoon Racers
    Play with a bunch of fun cartoon characters in a racing event for the Grand Prize of all Cartoon Land. More Information
    Karakuri-kun: A Japanese Tale
    A toy maker has made his masterpiece, a Japanese robot that has come to life. Play as Karakuri-kun and learn Japanese history of the samurai and the Edo period through this JRPG. More Information
    GZILLA Return of the Aliens
    Play as an OVERPOWERED boss monster who has decided to go on a rampage. More Information
    There can only be one. Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspired JRPG. More Information
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