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    Home of South-African Indie Developer 858 Games
    Currently taking a bunch of courses on Udemy to up our game!
    858 Games started from three people's love for games and was conceived in late 2015 by Alex J Conradie. As we are not a registered company yet, our official name is Alex J Conradie t/a 858 Games (not optimal but it will have to do for now). Our goal is to create well made games, no matter how small or big the scope of the project and always try to implement every feature promised. We are all still learning and improving our skills as we are self-taught in the skills that we now bring to the table. We aim to prove that one does not need a long list of qualifications to be successful. Passion and love for what we do keeps us motivated and working ever toward our goals.
    Trizzy is a new take on the dice game genre, drawing mainly from the ancient game of poker dice and though it has been done before, the player has never had the kind of freedom that Trizzy has to offer - Assigning to multiple scorecards without losing rolls, being able to clear scorecards a few times in every game and playing round by round rather than roll by roll. More Information
    Bibio - Snake Reloaded
    18 Levels (3 starters, 15 unlockable) 3 Difficulty settings Gradual increase in difficutly Local H2H multiplayer Classic Freeplay level High scores separated by level. 1 Maze level More Information
    Gidgo v0.8 alpha
    Gidgo is a physics building game, where you have many different blocks to build from. The blocks come in all different shapes and sizes - from squares to wedges and planks. Build your structure to certain dimensions to achieve Star Points to spend in our Shop for Sandbox mode. Try to figure out what blocks go where in our Building Challenge and see how far you can get in our Timed mode. Play it for free here - http://www.kongregate.com/games/SandmanZA/gidgo-v0-8-alpha More Information
    Nano Brick
    We need to test how far she can go! Be a part in this great stride forward for all mankind. Nano brick is a unique and fun launch game, Play in your browser - http://www.kongregate.com/games/SandmanZA/nano-brick We are still tweaking and adding to the game so please tell us what you think would make it more awesome! More Information
    Galaxy Pong
    Play with a friend or against the PC, rack up points and just have fun. More Information
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