Indie Video Games' Video Editing Services

Indie Video Games is now offering video editing services to make your game trailers and commericals 'pop' a bit more. Not only do we offer very reasonable rates for our talents, but you can even hire anyone from Super Game Talk Video Alpha to do your voice over! I also think it's a safe time to brag that I actually have an Emmy Nomination for Video Editing ... pretty cool, eh? I've also made nearly 1000 commercials professionally. So if you'd like the same team who makes Super Game Talk Video Alpha to make your video game commercial or trailer, check out the options below.

IVG offer rates as like as $50 for a :30 second video. If you know of a place that does it cheaper (other than yourself), please feel free to let us know. We're here to make it as cheap as possible so you can get your game out there!

What is included?
All packages include...
- A 1920x1080 .mp4 file of your video
- Royalty Free Music
- Voice Over Options
- Text Treatments and Animations
- Platform Logos
- One free apperance of your ad on an episode of SGTVA!
What do I have to provide?
All we need from you is ...
- Game footage (posted to youtube) (the longer, the better)
- Game logo (.png) (must include alpha channel)
- At least some form of direction, which can be done by filling out the forms below.
What can I provide?
You can also provide ...
- Your own Royalty Free Music (you must have rights to this)
- A detailed script
- Text samples
- Other?
- Video Editing Submission Form -
If you need Free File Hosting, Try Google Drive.
Your Plan

IVG Username
Email Address
Name Of Your Game
Full URL to Game Footage (Required)
Full URL to Game Logo (Required)
Full URL to Script (Preferred)
Full URL to Music (Optional) or Music Details
You can also pick from my catalogs here and here.
Or I can talk to my pal Vince Lubinsky.
Tell us what you want in your trailer!
Examples: general comments, voice acting, mood, tone, text treatments. Note that nothing is gaurenteed. The more you put here, the better chance you have of getting what you want.
What kind of voice do you want for your Voice Over?
Examples: Serious, wacky, proud, Quackers, Murder Bear

This is only a submission form.
You will not facilitate payment at this time.
We will review your form and contact you soon.
If approved, you will then be sent a link to facilitate payment.
Average turnaround times are within 5-7 days after payment.

Username/Company Name
Problems? Check out our Help page.
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