Use Points Instead of Dollars on Indie Video Games!

Points! Points! Points! To make life easier for everyone, we are using our own currency perfectly named 'Points'. You can earn them by sharing other people's games on your own Facebook page, or even playing a few of the games on this site. Think of Points as tickets at an arcade, only instead of pencil erasers and gum, you get to market your game!
Here are our current prices. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for notices about specials!
Game Of The Day  
Get your game and video on the front page of our website for 24 hours. After that time, your game will be forever in our Game Of The Day menu, but you can always make it a Game Of The Day again. 1000 Points
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Banner Of The Day  
Get your game's banner on the top of every page for 24 hours. No ad cycles. No one to share with. Your game for 24 hours. No questions asked. 75 Points
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Game Feed  
Add your game to the Game Feed! Your game will appear at the top of the Game Feed until someone else uses this same offer. Last 16 Games in the Game Feed remain on the front page of our site and appear on our App. 200 Points
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Action Tweets  
Our Twitter Robot is always working 24/7. You'll need to buy some Action Tweets to get into the system. It only costs 250 Points to be in the system for seven days, and we reset the robot each morning. You might get like 50 Action Tweets. You might get 2 Action Tweets. It is honestly random, and we leave it up to our Twitter Robot. Rules is rules. 250 Points
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Column Ad Space  
You can purchase ad space in the right column for 24 hours cheap! It will appear on every page on our website that has the right column. (coming soon)
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*Out Now* Q-Bit Revolution!
Steam Greenlight: Equalizer
Galaxy Bounty Hunter! The Fourth Game We Released!
Steam Greenlight
#TRoA arena shooter robot with elemental attacks through challenging arenas!
Iron Soldiers
Help this absolutely gorgeous puzzler ORB onto Steam!
Full Version of Brigand: Oaxaca
Shady Mission full release!
Nano Brick Updated to v1.3!
0.99 Alpha - The Rush
In Vitra - iRPG Trailer
Nano Brick Updated to v1.2
Bee Flight Sim available now for free on iOS devices.
b-Ocracy Update 2 Releasing March 17! Alpha test now!
Rainbow Animals are live!
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Win 5000 Points! Ends 5/31!
noahbwilson 11375
True Barbarian Games 3925
True Barbarian Games 2865
noahbwilson 2345
True Barbarian Games 1515
puff 1470
mrb 1375
puff 800
ederi 665
True Barbarian Games 445
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Apprentice Soft
Sabacc - The High Stakes Card Game
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Thorny Mazes
Dash Tank Fever

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