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Advertising has never been this simple, or cheap. We have first-hand experience with the insanity of things like Google Adsense or Facebook Ads, and we know that it takes a awfully big budget to make any kind of difference. We also know that marketing your game is 90% of the job. We can all make games, but who is going to play them if they cannot find them? That's why we have made it amazingly simple for you to advertise with us to thousands of other gamers right here on our website. Here are some of the plans we hope will make your life easier without taking all of your taco or your coffee money.
Game Of The Day
Lower Ad Placement
Youtube Review Squad
Puppet Dev Review
Resource Page Placement
Being the Game Of The Day gaurentees you 24 hour exposure to our visitors. No ad cycles. No awkward ad placement. No worry about if we're just taking your money and telling you your ad ran somewhere in Nebraska to people who don't even have iPhones (I'm sure they have this in Nebraska). Being the Game Of The Day means that the audience you want to reach (aka, people who visit our website) is seeing your game right on our front page, and on any page that contains our right-side column. In addition, your game will appear in our Games Of All The Days page and lists for an additional two weeks. (*Empty or unclaimed days will be filled with ads for my games. Hey, I make them too!)
How much does it cost?
Right now, you can book a day for just 4000 Points. Book now, becuase as our site becomes more popular, that price may go up a little as demand grows. Hey, that's business.
What do I need to do this?
For starters, you need a complete game that is available right now on either iOS, Droid, Steam, or anywhere for someone to play. Heck, we'll even accept a game on Newgrounds. If someone can play it right now, you're in. You also need to make sure to fill out the Project Submission Form to its completion (or as much information as you can, at least). We really would like you to have some kind of Youtube video included. It looks nice on our website.
Please note that we do not allow you to book more than one day per week. If you link a Youtube video, and your video contains vulgarity, nudity or sexual content, or any hate-speech or commentary of any kind, your ad is dropped, your account is deleted, and we keep your money. We are aware that a lot of games contain skimpy outfits on women because they lack creativity, and we'll allow that because it is just some weird norm in the video game world. We also reserve the right to reject any booking ahead of time if your game or ad does not meet the mentioned standards.
The Column Ad is less obvious, but also much cheaper. As with the Game Of The Day, your ad sits on our page near the bottom for 24 hours. It does not cycle. It just sits and is seen by anyone who is nice enough to scroll down the page a little more. Unlike the Game Of The Day, you can advertise anything as long as it is video game related: your Twitch account, your own production house, your Youtube channel which features video game related content, your musical or voice talents, or maybe you just wanna take an ad out for the new Mario game. Wait. No. Can't do that. Not an indie game. Nevermind.
How much does it cost?
Booking the Column Ad for 24 hours only costs 500 Points. You can book several days in a row.
What do I need to do this?
Honestly, all you need is:
1) A link to your game
2) A 300x250 .jpg ad for your game. We also accept .gifs < 5 Mbs in size for this size only.
The Lower Ad hangs out at the bottom of each page, and works much the way as the Right Column Ad, except for the fact that you own this lower spot for an entire week! Each week there are four spots available to be rented out. We can take your
How much does it cost?
Booking the Lower Ad for 24 hours only costs 350 Points. You can book several days in a row.
What do I need to do this?
Honestly, all you need is:
1) A link to your game
2) A 300x250 .jpg ad for your game. We also accept .gifs < 5 Mbs in size for this size only.
We have partnered with several Youtube personalities who review video games and created the Indie Video Games Review Network. While we cannot gaurentee that they will review your game, we can say that these Youtubers have agreed to listen to your request coming from Indie Video Games over just some random person.
View Youtubers in our Youtube Review Network
How much does it cost?
It costs nothing. We are merely linking you to them so you can ask for a review. After that, it's out of our hands. This is a free service offered by Indie Video Games for all game developers.
Can I become a member of the Youtube Review Network?
Yes! Please visit this page for more information.
The Puppet Devs are Indie Video Games' own review team, and they will gladdly review your game and share their experience with the world. We warn you that asking the Puppet Devs to review your game may not result in the kind of review you were expecting however. They will review your game and they will show game footage of your game, but some of the Puppet Devs are not the nicest of reviewers.
How much does it cost?
This is in a testing phase. We're honestly not ready to take applications yet. You may fill out a form to let us know you are interested. Maybe you'll get a free review out of it. Maybe.
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