Retro Knight's Marketing Adventure

Hey there, dev! I'm Noah and I run IVG. I do all of SGTVA, and I've made about 20+ mobile games. I set out to make IVG as cheap as possible to market your game because, well, I'm a dev too and I like free/cheap stuff. I know the struggle.

However, we all know there are an ass-ton of people out there who claim to market your game for bigger bucks than what IVG asks for. You know it. I know it. Dogs know it. So in my continued effort to try and figure out how best to market games, I will be going on a somewhat-costly adventure on other websites that want money for marketing. Are they a scam? Are they helpful? Let's find out together!

Each month, I will be tossing between $100-$200 dollars at various websites an advertising platforms to advertise my biggest game Retro Knight. I will detail what worked, what didn't work, and hopefully what you can avoid in the future. You will find ZERO bias here.

- Options Attempted -

April 2019 -
$200 for ~400,000 impressions of 300x250 ad
April 17, 2019 - Admittedly, I wasn't sure what you really write about Touch Arcade for a while because I wasn't entirely happy with how my posts on their forums were treated. It's a long story, but shouldn't change the fact that Touch Arcade's advertising seems pretty decent. I spent $200 for April (and it is still going as of this post), and I can say that my downloads have gone up. They tend to spike on non-consecutive days, and I'm trying to figure out why that is. Suffice to say, Indie Video Games will endorse Touch Arcade.
Verdict - Legit. A little pricey, but seems to be good.

Janaury 2019 -
$150 to send to youtubers, twitchers, and various websites. Normally $200.
Dec 17, 2018 - I got an email for a $150 deal to send my game to youtubers, twitchers, and some other websites out there. Normally, this costs $200, so I figured these guys can be my first test. Might as well save a couple bucks. Now, Retro Knight 3.0 isn't done yet, but will be in a few weeks. I was told I can use this so-called 'boost' anytime turning 2019, so as soon as 3.0 is pretty, all the bugs are out, and it is available on iOS, Android,, and for download, I'll give this a go.
Dec 20, 2018 - Version 3.0 of Retro Knight has been released, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this 'boost'. Now I have to wait and see what happens. Stay tunned.
Jan 8, 2019 - After quite some time with little-to-no response, I have decided that is a scam. My game came no where close to the 'estimated response' I should get. Do not spend your money. Don't even bother with the website at all. I mean, my game is still listed and who knows ... maybe it will actually seem like it was worth it to give them all that money, but I'm not holding my breath. Time to move on.
Verdict - Garbage. Do not to it.
Update - I got a grumpy email from their "CEO" about this. I responded by highlighting the details of their deception. I did not get a reply.
- Options Not Attempted or Recommended -

December 2018 -
$200 for an article, ad space, 1 post on social media, and sent to "10,000 subscribers".
I don't know about you, but being featured on a website I have never heard of does not sound like an enticing offer. Click the link above to see what this site will give you for upwards of $200. Ads on their site? A post on their Twitter (which is about twice as big as ours)? Shit, we offer that for free! Also, when one of their highlights is "Approved in 24 hours", that's a big red flag. At least you can "Submit for free", but even that takes 30 days to appear on their site. Have they not heard of automation?
Verdict: Paid Option - Hard pass
Verdict: Free Option - Knock yourself out.
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