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The new Indie Video Games aspires to be the #1 spot for everything in the Independent Video Game Community, a website that is more than just website: it is a tool. Aside from just hosting a vast directory of iOS, Droid, and PC games created by independent developers, Indie Video Games hopes to help the smallest of video game developers and producers be seen, even if you don't have any money to invest into marketing your game. We know how hard it is to compete against the big producers who have things like 'budgets' and 'marketing departments', and we're doing all we can to help you out without spending money! And if you do have money ... well, we like you too. We believe that there is strength in numbers, so sign up, share your creations, and lend a hand to your fellow gamers!

Entry for 2/12/16
Guess what? Now when you share the Game Of The Day, you get +200 Points! No way! If there is a Game Of The Day, just click Share and BAM! Points. If not ... well ... maybe you should get your game as the Game Of The Day and drive people to share it. Everyone wants to share the Game Of The Day. They told me so.

Also, March 2017 is on sale. Woohoo!

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Hyper Ultra Astronautics
Thorny Mazes
Discolor Rebounder
CodeRed: Agent Sarah's Story
Six Pack Man
Too Dangerous
Nano Brick
Exit: A Biodelic Adventure
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Riders of Asgard
Roll A Ball
Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows!
Explode Robot
Lit the Torch
Death From Space
Rainbow Animals
Erase Invaders
Balls World
Fast 70
Climbo- Tap Swipe Climb
Bat Vision
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0.99 Alpha - The Rush
In Vitra - iRPG Trailer
Nano Brick Updated to v1.2
Bee Flight Sim available now for free on iOS devices.
b-Ocracy Update 2 Releasing March 17! Alpha test now!
Rainbow Animals are live!
Nano Brick Launch Game!
Exit: A Biodelic Adventure on Greenlight
Galactic Wars is ready to play!
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