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Indie Video Games aspires to be the #1 spot for everything in the Independent Video Game Community, a website that is more than just website: it is a tool. Aside from just hosting a vast directory of iOS, Droid, and PC games created by independent developers, Indie Video Games hopes to help the smallest of video game developers and producers be seen, even if you don't have any money to invest into marketing your game. We know how hard it is to compete against the big producers who have things like 'budgets' and 'marketing departments', and we're doing all we can to help you out without spending money! Everything on this website is FREE as long as you put in some work to help out your fellow gamers, earning Points to them spend on your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways.

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Entry for 8/25/16
Various updates coming. Here's a start.

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Mystery Dorm 3
My Time at Portia
Endless Roll
Retro Knight
Match Nine
Tap Away
Super Shooting Star

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Angry Ranook
Goofy Monsters
Flying Red Panda
Super Moto Barf
Into The Darkness
Neon Maze
Rainbow Animals
Max the Catstronaut
Grassy Snake - The whacky arcade snake!
CodeRed: Agent Sarah's Story
Heart Maze
Pelican Swoop
Username/Company Name
By Any Means Necessary First Trailer
Ninjako: a new ninja race game arrived
Star Raiders.... sideways scrolling sci-fi shooter after beta testers on iOS
Need Beta tester for a group battle game! Awards waiting~
#DriftGalaxy is on your store!
Need beta testers for an awesome clicking and fighting game!
O-BOX: BALL SHOOTER on both iOS and Android
I created a game on steam!
CyberSphere updated!
Dual Neon - The Challenging Game
Retro Knight Trailer!
Fringes of the Empire Early Access
Hell On Earth Freeeee!!!
StarBots !
New project... Follow up to Shoot The Dragons
Steam Greenlight: ´╗┐Bryce's Movement Engine┬╣
*Out Now* Q-Bit Revolution!
Steam Greenlight: Equalizer
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