Newly Added Games to Indie Video Games!

Here are all the newest games added to Indie Video Games. If you just added a game, please make sure you added an icon otherwise your game will not appear here. Make it pretty!
Legend of Melba
Thief of Seas
Granny Theft Auto
Spy Swatter
Destination - Vegas
4th Knight
Medieval Time Travelers
Not Without You
Shinobi Bad Buddies
Elette Fragments
Bounce, the line
Match 3 Classic
Meme Exchange - Meme Stock Market
Keineged An Nor
Twilight Down
Attack Du Chateau
Galaxy Pong
Qubrix Brain Twister
Gravity Wars
Trainpunk Run
Cosmos Arena
Cosmos Arena
Hospital Manager Online
Seven - The card game
Idle Bit Defender
Galaxy Pong
Bibio - Snake Reloaded
The Bounty: Deluxe Edition
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People Cu3ed is Out Now!
Ole Bunny with Halloween
Buy and sell shares of the dankest memes with Meme Exchange - Meme Stock Market!
Retro Knight: New Orders Added
Cosmos Arena
Grab The Games Mixed Bundle II out now on Steam!
Fart Man update and official trailer!
MirrorZap! Update 2.0 out now!
Hello World! Meet Terror for Two!
The Last Roman Village - Intro
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You can now play Retro Knight to earn points on IVG! Click to start your own amazing adventure in Kingdomland!
Six Pack Man
Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner
Dreamscape 168
evolving Objects - Coins and Diamonds
The Outpost Nine: Episode 1
Super Punch Bag
A Long Road Home
One Bit Studio
The Warriorlock
Justin Cuff
Fart Man
Silent Doom: Lost
Dodge It!
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