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Here are all the newest games added to Indie Video Games. If you just added a game, please make sure you added an icon otherwise your game will not appear here. Make it pretty!
Going Medieval
Flippy Head
Word Search Story
1001 Pics Quest - Logo Quiz
Arcade Defender
mAIn COMPetition
Ball World 3D
One Drop Bot
Circulario - Catch The Circles
Sing and Fly - Hit Notes In The Sky
Gem Fighters
Elections of India 2019
Unbound Worlds Apart
Demons Never Lie
Woodland Rush Domino
Speedy Math Brain Training Game
Fait – Way Up
Little Lost Robots
The Copper Canyon Shoot Out
Fables of Talumos
Links Puzzle
I hate this game
In Your Butt
Road To Rage
Infinity Runner
Dry Bones Valley
Stratus: Battle for the sky
Stormy Helix
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80 minutes long Indie games compilation!!! (200 games)
Road To Rage now has leaderboard and achievements support!
The Last Roman Village snow is here
King Arthur: Magic Sword - new design is here!
A classic block breaker game with a modern twist!!! free to play,
Hypergate, a Fast and Violent 3D Space Combat Game
Make Announcement
You can now play Retro Knight to earn points on IVG! Click to start your own amazing adventure in Kingdomland!
Six Pack Man
Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner
Dreamscape 168
Elections of India 2019
Road To Rage
TMD Studios
Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner
Dreamscape 168
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