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Who are these awesome developers? I don't know, but they clearly did something cool. Check out some of these awesome devs, and how about you be awesome too so you can get listed! Win a contest! Support other devs! Support IVG! Maybe just ask us nicely! There's all sorts of stupid reasons why we list people here! Make one up! (The more awesome you are, the longer we keep you on this list! There are no rules to being an Awesome Dev!)
Technaturally Games
SRM Games
Firesplash Entertainment
Dreamscape 168
MindWalker Games
Evil Overlord Games
Rebel Camp Games
Whitway Studios
Demon Games Studio
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Dino T-Rex 3D Run - enjoy the remake of the popular game
Gorytale, a shooter set in a candy land, being released on Steam
Tower Defense - Arcade Defender LIVE for Android now.
Rogue Star Rescue: Free Demo
Perspectrum Price Reduced on Steam
Infinity Plane LAUNCH Successful! WIN REAL LIFE PRIZES!
Links Puzzle - A Puzzle Game for Highly Intelligent People
Survival Horror Kickstarter Campaign
The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience
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WheelCraft Heroes
Z-Run: Zombie Endless Runner
Dreamscape 168
Retro Knight
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