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    Wanna talk to the world via IVG's own Twitter Account right now! Well, you can! You can hijack our Twitter Account once per day to tweet about your game. Just pick and game and you're done!
    How much does it cost?
    It costs 100 Points to use the Tweet Now button.
    What do I need to do this?
    You need to have an approved project with an Ad Card. Click Your Data at the top right to see which projects you have gotten approved. Please note that we reserve the right to reject any game if your ad does not match your game.
    Please select the game you wish to tweet:
    Note: All Tweets are prewritten by our bots. No adjusting what is tweeted.

    Tweeting Now costs 100 Points:

    Tiny Story 3 adventure on Appstore and Google Play
    Slovakia Up now at App Store
    New IVG Site Dropping Soon
    Isolation Story out now on Nintendo Switch
    Isolation Story releasing on Nintendo Switch in under 48 hours!
    Santa on Fire now at App Store
    Tower in Early Access on Steam
    Weekly game developing livestreams!
    Redrun Alpha teaser trailer out now!
    Links Puzzle - A Relaxing and Brain Challenging Game
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    Rockets In Space
    Isolation Story
    Mutiny Island
    Erase Invaders
    2D Owen
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    Tap Infinite
    The Jumping Games
    Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo
    Slime CCG
    Crypto Journey
    View All
    Angel Star Studios
    SG productions
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