Compete in Doc's Arcade Contest!

Looking for some premium ad placement? Looking to keep your money in your wallet? Then enter the Arcade Contest and become the best! Winners claim 5000 Points! Better get your game face on if you want to be the best! The competition is fierce.
How Do I Enter?
  1. You must sign up for Indie Video Games and have a project that has been approved.
  2. Download Doc's Arcade for iOS. That's where you compete.
  3. Select Solo Game and play the game below. VS Games high scores are not accepted.
  4. Top scores shown on the game are reflected here.
  5. Repeat Step 3 until you are #1!
Does it cost anything to enter?
How many times can I play?
As many times as you want.
Any prizes for second place?

Win 5000 Points!
amlcreation 102550
GoodwolfStudio 95500
amlcreation 94300
amlcreation 88400
amlcreation 73450
amlcreation 66550
GoodwolfStudio 63450
amlcreation 62700
amlcreation 61900
amlcreation 60900
Username/Company Name
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