Star Raiders.... sideways scrolling sci-fi shooter after beta testers on iOS
by Weedo Games

Hi there, we're Weedo Game. We're the developer behind the iOS game 'Shoot The Dragons', which has had over 300,000 downloads, was featured in the App Store in the US, China, and Thailand and received media coverage on sites such as Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer. This time around we have a brand new title STAR RAIDERS!... and we are looking for lots of touch screen recruits to test out the multiplayer side of the game which forms a large part of the gameplay! About our New Game You're a new Raider looking to make it rich on the strange world of Pandora. Loot, fight and destroy all rival Raiders and prove you are the mightiest of them all! Shoot the Dragons was our first game. However, we are always working on improving things and felt we got the core gameplay working well but had accidentally neglected the interaction between players in this universe we created. We decided to make a new game putting more focus on the multiplayer, multiplay mode options, based in a space pirate sci-fi setting. The Features: 1) A vivid world We've created a vivid world for you to interact in and with. You will find many other visitors to Pandora in the game. Actually, they're other Raiders! They could help you in the Boss battles, but be warned not all you meet are friendly. Out here the only law is gravity! 2) Dynamic interactions Explore! Kill Bosses with mates! Battle with and loot other Raiders….plus destroy their Spaceships! This world is filled with multiple means of interaction with those playing around you or the other side of the galaxy. You will never feel like you're on your own in this world! 3) Distinctive battle style Our advantage, the battles gameplay. We took what we learned from our first game and moved forward with it None of the battle experiences will be same whenever you fight them! 4) Well-designed multiplayer gameplay Show your ability to the world raider! You will fight against players from across the galaxy here. Join with them, fight with them, fight against them and come out on top at the end of the day. From Raider Ruck to Raider Challenge to Ambush and others... there's a wealth of multiplayer options open to you here. Come join us on a new adventure to become a mighty Raider! Currently, we are looking for players on iPhones 6 or greater or with iPads to come join a large scale test flight with us and to gather feedback from them and help them shape the future of the game. For those willing to brave all for fame and fortune please drop us an email to - and we can kit you out with a nearly new slightly damaged spaceship, a blaster thats seen better days and a jetpack with one previous 'not so careful' owner... We look forwards to hearing back from you! Weedo Game We think different so design different!

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