Beyond the Oaks
by Dragonflygames
Beyond the Oaks Is a Action-Adventure ThirdPerson Shooter game which follows Andrew, an ex-military veteran, who after breaking free from his former life, falls further into the grips of something much more sinister. With dynamic gameplay like rolling, dodging, sneak and stealth, rush and shoot, unlock abilities, investigate clues, with help from your suits quirky AI system, new-found pals, and an old prophecy comes to life, with a new page turned, it is now up to you to discover the secrets of the bizarre new world around you. With interactive level design and a densely populated world, there are multiple ways to push forward, various routes to explore, and many secret paths to uncover in the beautiful magical world we have created. Multiple weapon and suit upgrades allow for easier battle or new ways to traverse around the land! Long ago, three witch sisters haunted a quiet village. They burned the crops, cursed the town folk, and destroyed the village year after year. Until one man stood up. This young man gathered the villagers, and began growing an army. The boy, now a man and the King of the village, readies his troop for battle in order to finally rid the land of the evil witch sisters three. What the King was not aware of was the witch sisters were prepared, they had an army of their own, and they were waiting. King Philip and his royal guard ride through the forest towards the witch's den. The two armies clashed, a bloody war ensued. When the knights prevailed and the last witch was beheaded, a curse was released. Blasting outward, the curse trapped the village and surrounding area, lost beyond the oaks. Witches and magical curses are not the only mysteries beyond the oaks. You soon uncover objects not of the past, and not of this world, scattered across the lands. Ancient alien hieroglyphs carved into cave walls give clues to a much larger and much more sinister plot. The expansive lore and mythology includes multiple alien regions each with a unique religion/pantheon, mythology, language, culture, societies, etc. A multi cast of characters, the story of beyond the oaks challenges what we think of society, how far will we go for true freedom, and how far will we push for perfection. - Engage new found pals along the way, solve mysteries around the land through side-quests. Find audio tapes, witch ceremonial items, creatures, bosses, and other characters rumored to give you upgrades. A beautiful and cinematic soundtrack inspired by the Uncharted and Silent Hill series as well as classic Nintendo games like Donkey Kong: Country and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. - III indie, realistic, Uncharted-inspired adventure featuring Sneak-and-Stealth game-play, Rush-and-Shoot mechanics, rolling, dodging, upgrades, acquire specials, encounter monsters, solve puzzles and find collectibles. - That wonderful experience of emotional story, wonder, and exploration you get from playing stunning games like Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn. - Custom 3D models and Animations (including facial animations) - Variety of upgrades, abilities, and specials
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