OneBit Adventure Beta Release!
by Galactic Slice

In this game, you adventure the lands to fight scary (but cute!) enemies to level up your stats, and discover the delicious loot scattered throughout the lands. Choose from a variety of classes that range in different abilities in this epic dungeon crawler experience. Currently in beta, there is much to discover and plenty more to come this game. Some big features yet to come are epic boss fights, quest lines, and more. Currently available on the Google Play Store: iOS and PC versions will be released at a future date. Goal The primary goal is character builds. Each character has a set of skills and a weakness that will determine how hard your adventure will be. Learn the different builds by boosting certain skills as you level and experiment with what makes your adventure worth while. Enemy Types OneBit features enemies of different caliber making you stay on your toes. For instance, let a Goblin take 5 coins and he will do double the damage or try fighting 3 Bats with a Blood Knight and that may be the end of your adventure. The game is still early in development with more characteristics focusing on enemy types that will make you second guess running through thinking enemies will bow before your overpowered damage scale. Adventuring You may stumble across a lot of different environments that are open in the beginning levels and then you start to stumble through narrow pathways. These levels are just the start of what the adventure will provide in future updates. Eventually, certain pathways will be opened with dungeons and bosses to increase the potential story you can create. It's not an adventure with fabulous loot and steak! ETA on Boss/Dungeons The dungeon crawler experience has only begun. We will be adding bosses and dungeons that are optional for the player to explore. It is without a doubt still early in development and will take roughly til December 2019 to smooth out a solid release for Boss battles and dungeons.

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