Queeny Army has been updated to 1.1.5 version
by Lemoon Pie Games

Hello recruits Is a pleasure for me announcing this new patch 1.1.5, it contents new changes and features Features -New dinamic HUD, now when you reach a specific area on the screen the hud will being semitranparent, that because when you reach that area the old hud hidded some elements on screen imposible to see. -Some upgrades on lore cutscenes, I upgrade some cutscenes with new pixelart style. -Change on the mission 2 background and some graphics elements -Framerate upgrade from 40 to 45 fps. -now you can't lose life if you fall when you are on invincible mode. Character balances - Marcela now deals more damage with double jump from 2 to 5 that make easy kill with her by that way -Vanessa Special hability Endurance upgrade, now she won't lose life when she fall out the screen so, she only can recive damage by enemies and bullets. Bug fixes -I fix the bug where you slide form wall and your character shoot back when reach the floor, now it work normaly you can shoot at the correct direction. I hope this upgrade makes more fun the game for you, new features are coming soon just wait for that and enjoy the game. see you later.

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Queeny Army has been updated to 1.1.5 version
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