Spy Online: Online multiplayer murder-mystery in space
by Mahonian
Spy Online is an online multiplayer murder-mystery game which you are in a space station cooperating with crewmates but one or more of them are impostors. The objective is to gather evidence, interrogate suspects and eliminate the impostors while the impostors hide, sabotage and kill the crewmates. FEATURES: Play with 4-12 players online Add friends and send invites Give your character a hat Use a perk to get an advantage CONTROLS: Mouse - Movement Shift - Use object Control - Kill player/Report dead body OBJECTIVES: Crewmates: Vote out all impostors Gather evidence Impostors: Kill all crewmates Sabotage consoles Purchases will receive all downloadable content for free. FOLLOW: Facebook Twitter
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Spy Online: Online multiplayer murder-mystery in space
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